Short-Term Financing


NSMFC offers short term loans to clients who have completed their capital projects and are awaiting participation in the next debenture issue. Like our long term financing, the short term loan program is built on maintaining the lowest possible cost to municipalities by offering competitive interest rates.  

Priorities 2015-16         

  • The Corporation will offer short-term financing for municipalities to fund cash flow requirements between the completion of capital projects and the issuance of debentures.


Date of completion of project to next NSMFC debenture  


90 day Bankers’ Acceptance plus 50 basis points calculated using CDOR  

Application process         

  • Written request to the NSMFC         
  • Temporary Borrowing Resolution (TBR) in place

 Click the following link to open the Short Term Loan Template. document Short Term Loan Letter (29 KB)