Town of Middleton Pilot Project

Starting in September 2014, MFC has partnered with the Town of Middleton to implement all 7 core best practices. Over the course of a year, MFC staff researched, drafted and gave presentations to Council on each with input from Middleton staff. The service is offered free of charge and is available to all municipalities in Nova Scotia.

In total, the following best practices were adopted: Documentation of Policies and Procedures, Audit Committee Terms of Reference, Operating Reserve, Debt Management, and Multi-Year Capital Planning. Purchasing and Budget Preparation/Cash Flow Forecasting were also implemented by the Town with amendments to suit their particular needs.

Interested? Learn more about the benefits of MFC's Core Best Practices from Middleton CAO Rachel Turner

How have the core best practices helped your municipality?

By exploring the best practices and beginning the implementation process, this has helped to ensure that the Town of Middleton’s established practices and policies are in compliance with new legislation and regulations. The Town is in very good shape with respect to financial management overall, but it helps instill confidence in Council, staff, and the public on this issue.

What is the value of MFC’s best practices to municipalities? Why should they use them?

The value in the best practices for our organization is that they have been developed with the current legislation and guidelines being considered, as well as having been developed through a jurisdictional scan to ensure that they are applicable and practical in most instances. The work to develop them has primarily been done by the MFC staff, which takes the onus off of municipal staff to do the research and drafting of any of the documents. Municipalities benefit from the work being done to develop the documents, and then they have input to ensure that the final document that is presented to Council is appropriate for the specific organization.

What was it like working with MFC staff on this project? Would you partner with MFC again on a similar project?

MFC staff are always professional, and work very hard to accommodate the times frames and needs of the partnering municipality. They are open to suggestions and collaborate in the best interests of municipal government overall. I would welcome another opportunity to partner with MFC again in the future.

Overall, what stands out most about your experience? Did it meet your expectations?

Municipal finance can be a complicated environment. To have the resources from MFC available to municipal units as it relates to education and capacity building around municipal finance is an important tool to have in a municipality’s back pocket, particularly with the changing environments and increasing challenges around financial management and qualified staffing in our own municipalities.

If you want to participate in the MFC Core Best Practices, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more.