Fiscal 2019-2020 CEO Hospitality, Travel, & Compensation

Nova Scotia Municipal Finance Corporation
Senior Management - C.E.O.
Hospitality, Travel Expenses, & Compensation
Fiscal 2019 - 2020
Month Travel Hospitality Total
April $752.44 $0.00 $752.44
May $146.72 $0.00 $146.72
Total $899.16 $0.00 $899.16
The October 14, 2016 Directive from the Controllers Office statesthat senior manager's travel and hospitality expenses are to be publicly hospitality expenses are to be publicly disclosed.
The MFC will report, on a monthly basis, to the Province, as well as on its website, these expenses of its CEO.
The MFC follows the Province's Hospitality Policy (7.12), and Travel Policy (26.1).